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Sagra della Castagna in Rasura, Val Gerola

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Sagra della Castagna in Rasura, Val Gerola

Val Gerola is not only known for its bitto cheese but also for the traditional chestnut festival Sagra della Castagna , which takes place every autumn in Rasura .

Autumn time is chestnut time
When autumn discolors the leaves, something spherical falls here and there from the trees. The chestnut, the prickly nut fruit, is known in many places as hot marroni known. But where does it actually come from and which culinary delights can be conjured up from it?
The chestnut shaped the rhythm of life of the people on Lake Como and the northern Italians until the beginning of this century. It used to be an important staple food and helped many families through times of starvation. No wonder, then, that the chestnut tree was also known as the bread tree.
Left to their own devices for decades and completely overgrown, the chestnut forests are now being cultivated again.
Although chestnuts are usually only used in the vernacular, there are subtle differences between chestnuts and chestnuts: Chestnuts are round, while chestnuts are flat and pointed. The fruit of the chestnuts is fleshier and more aromatic, which also has an effect on the roasting time: it takes a little longer for the chestnut. Whether chestnuts or chestnuts- botanically, both belong to the nuts. Compared to other types of nuts, they contain little fat at 1.9 grams per 100 grams and are relatively low in calories. Their vitamin C content is high.
Chestnuts like chestnuts also have a lot to offer in culinary terms. They only develop their sweetness by cooking or roasting. The starch they contain is partially converted into sugar and gives them their nutty taste.
Boiled chestnuts are very popular as a side dish and as a filling for poultry. And don't forget the tasty vermicelles!
Erica Bänziger, author and chestnut cook, lists in her Chestnut Cookbook around 100 vegetarian recipes: from chestnut salad with cheese and nuts to main dishes.

Recipe: Chestnut Gnocchis with Sage Butter Traditional Recipe from Lake Como
Gnocchis have now become a regular feature of the Germans' menu. What is unusual, however, is a recipe variant from Lake Como. There, chestnuts are used instead of potatoes.
Ingredients for the dough:
White flour
Kaslanien flour
Ingredients for the sage butter:
1 egg
4 tbsp parmesan sauce
sage leaves
1 clove of garlic
1 onion
Mix equal parts flour and chestnut flour, add water, salt and an egg. Knead the ingredients into a firm dough. Bring water to the boil in a large saucepan, season with salt. Use a spoon to cut small dumplings out of the dough and add to the bubbling water. When the dumplings float on top they are cooked and can be removed with a slotted spoon.

In the meantime, wash the sage leaves and chop them, chop the garlic and onions to taste. Let the butter melt carefully. When it is runny add the sage, garlic and onions.

The finished gnocchis are then placed in a bowl, sprinkled with grated Parmesank and then poured over with the liquid butter. A red wine from Valtellina goes best with it.
When the Sagra della Castagna takes place in Rasura can be found here!

Or also at:
Ufficio Turistico Morbegno- Valgerola- Valmasino- Valtartano-Tel. +39 0342 601140-

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