Lake Como

Where you can eat and drink well

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Where you can eat and drink well

Lake Como lives up to the culinary art of the Mediterranean region.

Countless restaurants that have been recognized by the most important gastronomy leaders testify to this.
There is more than just haute cuisine.

In the so-called crotti and trattorias, local dishes are mainly served, most of which are still produced in-house and can hardly be enjoyed anywhere else.

So for Example:
the Trattoria S.Pietro in the village Traversa above Gravedona is an absolute insider tip:
Simple trattoria, run by Mama Titti and almost like in grandmother's time, traditional dishes and wines, spaghetti, Insalata mista and Affetato based on recipes from Mama Titti, at fair prices.
We recommend that you give your first name.
Closed on Thursday in the off-season. Tel. 0344 85 765

The trattoria is located directly on the road from Gravedona to Livo in Traversa approx. 3. km above Gravedona.

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