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Lake Como Easter traditions Easter is a Christian holiday celebrated around the world with Sunday lunch, Holy Mass, and always something sweet - this is also the case on Lake Como.

Easter celebrations in Italy always include something sweet to give away or share with loved ones.

Italy's typical Easter sweets are the chocolate eggs and the Easter dove. But since each region preserves its origins and traditions, Lake Como also has its specific Easter sweets.

La Resta di Como and Colomba pastries

This is a typical dessert, a sweet bread with raisins and candied fruit. The special feature is the olive branch it contains, which has made it the typical Easter dessert of Como.

It was born in one of the taverns of Como, the Osteria del Pescatore, in the nineteenth century, and guess what? It is the result of a baking error!

It is said that at the end of the lunch the owner of the tavern offered a “pandolce” enriched with candied fruits and raisins. One day he accidentally put too much yeast in the dough, which started to rise excessively. To keep the dough from leaking out, the host takes an olive stick to press on. Then, to fix the mistake, he spread it out and smoothed it out with a knife, leaving cross marks with the blade.

Part of the olive stick remained in the batter and when he saw the baked cake, the host exclaimed, “Par la resca d'un pèss” = It looks like a fish bone! Resta comes from the Latin word arista, which means fishbone.

The typical sweets of the Italian Easter tradition are the chocolate eggs, sometimes particularly hand-painted, and the Easter dove “Colomba”, a typical leavened cake originally from Milan, offered and shared on Easter days as a symbol of peace and love.

Picture of  La resta di Como easter pastries

Easter Market

If you are visiting Lake Como during Easter you can’t miss the Easter Market in Como which runs from Holy Thursday to Easter Monday. Walk through the streets of Como to the sound of church bells ringing and watch as local families search for their festive fare. The Easter Market offers a variety of traditional cuisine, local crafts, and, of course, an impressive array of painted eggs. Click here for the Como Easter Market 2022.

You can find more information about Easter customs on Lake Como here!


Picture of Easter market in Como

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