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Lake Como / Lago di Como

Lake Como: Lake Como, or "Lario" , like Lake Como & nbsp; is also called, with its 410 meters it is the deepest lake in all of Europe and the third largest lake in Italy.

Nestled between the foothills of the Alps (S & uuml; d-Switzerland, Ticino) and the Po Valley lie the Lake Como and Lake Lugano (Ceresio) with their wonderful and scenic side valleys.

The natural The scenic beauty of the 55 km long and max. 4.5 km wide fjord-like incised alpine lake is breathtaking. The Lago di Como lies in a tongue basin of the former Adda glacier, which in front of the Alta Brianza split into the arms of Como and Lecco Head posed "Y" with three arms. The south-western arm with Como at the extreme end, the south-eastern one with the city of Lecco and the north-north upper lake with the town of Colico. The area is also called "Alto Lario" with the most natural beauties, rich in ancient history and the ideal starting point for exploring the other parts of the lake.
Lake Como is served by the < strong> Adda flowed through. The Adda flows into the lake at Colico and leaves it at Lecco, while the arm of Como has no drainage.
In the last few centuries, the beauty and charm of the landscape have been enchanting, which is open all year round. Very mild climate and the lush Mediterranean flora, various famous personalities who built wonderful villas in the midst of fantastic gardens. Some of these residences are now museums that attract tourists from all over the world.

Lake Como and the surrounding mountains form a wonderfully balanced unit. In a relatively manageable area, different landscape types, panoramas and settlements alternate, which are unique in their beauty.
The lake, dominated by the majestic Alpine backdrop, was already a busy trading route in Roman times.

Lake Como had its lovers in the past. Ligurians and Etruscans were drawn to its shores as well as Greeks and Romans. The Romans called the lake Lacus Larius . Virgil sang about the beauty of Lake Como and the composer Franz Liszt could hardly get enough of the "melancholy murmur of the waves". "Anyone who writes about two happy lovers has to let the story take place on the shores of Lake Como", noted the composer.

The "Larius" was created like Lake Como after his The ancient name Lacus Larius is also called by the glaciers that left three fjords when they retreated after the end of the last ice age. Towering two-thousand-meter peaks in the north wrap around it like a protective arm and ensure a pleasant climate almost all year round.

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