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Ciapel d'Or Summer Festival in the Valtellina Valley

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Ciapel d'Or Summer Festival in the Valtellina Valley

"The story lies in the wine glass".
For over 25 years, the summer festival Ciapel d'Or has been held in Castione Andevenno every July.
During the summer festival you have the unique opportunity in Castione Andevenno, near Sondrio, to find out everything interesting that a bottle of Valtellina wine has to say:
About the tough one Work and love for the cultivation of the land, but of course also for the passion for viticulture and the vineyards.

For more information, please see   Program   Ciapel d'Or .



2009 Ciapel d'Or:
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Ciapel d'Or organizes the Pro Loco of Castione Andevenno guided tours in the nearby villages with their vineyards and wineries, where you can learn all kinds of interesting facts about Veltliner wine and, of course, taste it ..

Guided vineyard & ndash; and winery TOUR with shuttle bus
Saturday, July 11th:
Time: 16/17/18/19 p.m.- Shuttle service
Sunday, July 12th:
Time: 9.30am/10.30am/11.30am- shuttle service
The shuttle bus starts from the former church of San Rocco in Castione Andevenno. The guided tours last about 2 hours and follow the following route:

1.Localita ROSETTA: in this part of town there is a large ; he courtyard with a kind of bell tower in the middle, which once served as the seat of a wealthy Swiss family. The purpose of the bells was to signal to the farmers the arrival of the rulers or when danger threatened.
From here you can see the vineyards, which have been built on the rocky ridge, up to in the area of Piatta and the vineyards in Localita Guasto, from which the famous name "Sassella" comes. Which means vineyards built on red rocks. Visit to Mr Ferrari's winery and wine tasting.

2.Localita GRIGIONI: Visit the famous vineyard Terraces from which, according to tradition, the best Valtellina wine originated as early as the 16th century and was traded far and wide. From here continue on the way to Casacce Triasso, which is completely located in the vineyard terraces which were built at that time under the command of the ruling nobility over the subject country Valtellina. [from 1512 to 1798 a subject country of the Free State of the Three B & uuml; nde (today Canton Graubunden/Switzerland)]

3.Localita MORINI: Visit to a winery with historical explanations by Mr. Mauro Dell'Agostino. Walk to the foot of the vineyard with the stone carvings prehistoric origins. Wine tasting in the wine cellar, outside you can admire the stone carving works of a local artist.
During the ride with the shuttle bus between the individual sightseeing locations, the historical roots of the districts that are not visited for reasons of time, such as the Localita Piatta with the church of San, are explained Luigi built in the 18th century by a builder from Ticino and the districts of Gatti, Sonetti, Mangialdo, Cadoli, Pree, Barboni and Martella.

4.Localita VENDOLA: famous for its mills and asparagus. Visit the mill "Rusina", recently renovated, at the foot of the waterfall of the river Boco and the wine cellars of Mr. Aldo Selva, with historical explanations about the Castle de Larice, Castelasc, which you can get from VENDOLA reached out.

5.Localita CENTER: Explanation of the sights: Old Town Hall, St. Martino Church (16th cent .) Palazzo Signorile (manor house) owner Botterini De Pelosi, Chiesa di San Rocco (built in honor of those who escaped the plague). During the descent you come across the Castel Leone, which was connected to the Castel del Larice by a network of underground passages, unfortunately now only a pile of rubble covered with ivy.
6.Localita BALZARLO: Visit to a winery with an old wine press, which was used by winemakers in the whole area at that time.
Wine tasting in C & agrave; Antunel with historical explanations about the Church of the Nativity of Mary from the Middle Ages (the church houses two very important works of art: a white marble relief from the fifteenth century, shows the Madonna and Child, and inside a Altarpiece depicting the Nativity of the Virgin, with balustrade inlaid marble).

7.Localita ANDEVENNO: Visit of an old mill that was used for the production of nut oil, historical explanations. Andevenno was the center of the area until 1468, until after another flood caused by the river Boco, the inhabitants of that time were forced to build the center of the area in Balzarro.
Apparently there was an underground passage that spanned the area-Tower, called "Baliba," connected with the Castello del Larice. There is also an old monastery and nearby a votive chapel "il Capitel", apparently dedicated to the Virgin Mary in thanksgiving for those who were spared from cholera in 1855.

8.Localita VANONI: Guided tour of a new winery with high-tech equipment from Mr. Mengola, wine tasting and tour of the production.

Wine Tour Ciapel

Guided wine tasting
-10/07/09 Friday from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
-11/07/09 Saturday from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

You have the opportunity to taste the wines inside the church of San Rocco, where you can also marvel at a photo exhibition about the vineyard terraces and the Valtellina, in collaboration with Mr. Jacopo Merizzi.
Appendix During the guided tasting, wines are selected from wine producers who are present at the tasting and who can themselves explain the characteristics of their products from the first stage of processing. A tasting expert will then introduce us to the true secrets of wine tasting.
Those who want to take part will get a reserved seat at the eight wine tasting tables.

Prices :
-Guided vineyard & ndash; and winery TOUR with shuttle bus & euro; 15.00
-Guided wine tasting in San Rocco & euro; 10.00
-complete program with winery tour and wine tasting in san Roco & euro; 20.00

Reservations Wine tastings Shuttle tour: Michela Tel. 339 7700566- 340 2250980 Laura

Award for the best wine- Trophy Ciapel d 'Oro 2009
12/07/09 Sunday, 9.00 am: in the San Rocco room, the jury, made up of wine experts, will examine the wines that have been submitted to the competition, those previously were selected by the Fojanini Foundation.
After careful examination, the winner of the Ciapel d'Oro 2009 trophy will be chosen for the two categories of wine DOCG Valtellina and Valtellina Superiore DOCG wine. In this edition, a third place is now awarded for the IGT wines category.
4.30 p.m .: Award ceremony with the presence of members of the authorities and with the corps of the Castione Andevenno brass band.

Gastronomy- local specialties
As part of the event, you can also enjoy local delicacies and specialties such as polenta, Tarozzi, grilled meat and only on Sundays, pizzoccheri prepared by the Accademia del Pizzoccheri of Teglio (reservation is possible)

Musical performances:
- Friday evening with little Dutu & Company
-Saturday evening dance rhythm with the orchestra 2001
-Sunday Bar'70 Piano-'80 years and finally dance with Dario Frate and Novelago

Info: Sondrio Tourist Office Tel: +30 0342 45 11 50

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