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Bike tours / hiking tours Lake Como part 1

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Bike tours / hiking tours Lake Como part 1

Bike tours/hiking tours Lake Como (part 1):

Bike tours and hiking tour route suggestions
for family tours to day tours on Lake Como from easy to extremely difficult.

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Tip !!! Maps: If you want to follow the tours, you should at least have one have a good card in your backpack. We recommend the hiking and biking map on a scale of 1: 35,000, the "Comunita Montana Alto Lario" in which an abundance of possible bike and hiking trails are drawn. It is a must for all interested bikers and hikers!
The map can be bought in the tourist information offices of the holiday region and the "Info point Altolario" Palazzo Manzi in Dongo (town hall) for approx. € 6.20 can be obtained.

Start: Musso
Maximum height: slight incline
Distance: 4.5 km
Driveability:. 100%.
Duration: 20 minutes
Degree of difficulty: easy
On the Seestrasse & ldquo; Statale & ldquo; we reach Pianello. From the main square across from the post office, we drive towards Saliana to the junction on the left (sign: Crotti alti). From there on to Cremia, where we reach the junction on the left with a slight incline (sign: Marnino-Prato). From now on we still have an easy stretch of gravel road (l 'Antica Via Regina) to S. Maria Rezzonico in front of us.

Start: Dongo
Max. Height: 670 m
Hm: 450 m.
Distance: 6.5 km
Drivability: 100%.
Duration: 50 minutes
Degree of difficulty: demanding
On the street & ldquo; Provinciale & ldquo; Direction Stazzona, after the bend we follow the signs Carasco (left). After two more hairpin bends, an easy gravel path begins that leads to Stazzona. When we arrive in the village of Cassia, we turn left on the path to the Germasino entrance (now on asphalt). Exit the village at the cemetery, we follow a small road that ends in a path and leads us (off the road & ldquo; Provinciale & ldquo;) to Garzeno.

Tour 3: GIOVO and S. JORIO
Start: Dongo
Maximum height: S. Jorio 2.010 m
Hm: 1814 m
Distance: 58 km.
Drivability: 100%.
Duration: 4.30 hours
Difficulty level: very difficult
Near the "Chiesetta dei Frati" (small church) we turn into the street & ldquo; Provinciale & ldquo; right towards Gemasino, Garzeno one. In the village of Gar & not; zeno we find it clearly visible; the junction towards S. Anna and La Bocchetta at 1200 m. A natural road of approx. 10 km begins here, which leads us to the "Rifugio" (mountain hut) Giovo and the Passo S. Jorio on the Swiss border. After the well-deserved rest, we are spoiled for choice: 3 different, exciting descents. The first takes us back on the same route (30.5 km.), On the second we bike over the Basciarino and Nessa mountains and through the villages of Stazzona and Brenzio to Gravedona (28.5 km. ). The third is the most difficult but also the most exciting. From Giovo to Garzeno we follow the old military road (vecchia strada militare), a technically demanding mule track that demands a lot of concentration (23.5 km.)

Start: Garzeno
Maximum height: 980 m.
Hm: 220 m
Distance: 6 km
Driveability: 100%.
Duration 40 minutes
Degree of difficulty: easy
From the square by the church we drive on a small road, which leads through the village towards Ponte delle Seghe. After about 1 km. we take the junction on the right (sign: Brenzeglio) and drive on the asphalt road to Quansc (small church). Now we can continue on the gently sloping dirt road to Brenzeglio. From there it would be possible to drive to Giovo (m.17l4), but not recommended as the path is in a very bad condition.

Tour 5: GIOVO
Start: Stazzona
Max.H & ouml ; he: 1,714 m.
Hm: 1,200 m
Distance: 19.2 km.
Drivability: 100%.
Duration 2.30 h.
Degree of difficulty: difficult
From the parking lot by the church, we take the first junction at the village exit towards Pregallo and La Costa. At the bend where there is a chapel (Tre Cappelle m. 763), we take the right junction and continue climbing (first asphalt then natural road) to Mottafoiada (m. 1350). Then meet the road that leads from Garze & not; no, we turn right and pedal the last few kilometers on the dirt road to Giovo: From Giovo, if you haven't had enough, you can continue to the mountain hut (Rifugio) Sommafiume or direction Passo S. Jorio.

Start: Gravedona
Maximum height: Livo 660 m
Hm: 455 m
Distance: 16 km
Driveability: 100%.
Duration 1.5 to 2 hours
Level of difficulty: medium
On the main road to Gravedona. There right into the street & ldquo; Provinciale & ldquo; Direction Peglio and Livo. At the entrance to the village of Livo we turn right at the first crossing onto the mulattiera. On the demanding descent with downhill characteristics, we first get to Gaggio and then to Domaso.

Start: Gravedona
Max .Height: 650 m
Hm: 440 m
Distance: 11.5 km
Drivability: 100%.
Duration 1.5 hours
Degree of difficulty: easy
From Gravedona we drive on the road & ldquo; Provinciale & ldquo; Direction Peglio and Livo. Once in Livo we follow the asphalt road to the church of S. Giacomo (on the right). Now we are back on the drivable dirt road that brings us without difficulty to the characteristic bridge at Crotto Dangri over the Livo river. The river invites you to take a cooling bath!

At your own risk:
The tours shown are suggestions and must be undertaken in a manner appropriate to the given circumstances and at your own risk.
The author rejects any liability. The user is fully responsible for himself, his companion and the environment on the tours. The tours and routes shown lead over streets, paths and paths. Some of these are also used by motorized vehicles. They are also subject to constant change. Paths can be changed by various influences (storms, relocation, new construction, closure, etc.), or even disappear completely. If parts of tours are blocked for passage, the user must walk, bypass or, in the worst case, cancel the tour.

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