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Trophy Renzo e Lucia and Palio Remiero

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Trophy Renzo e Lucia and Palio Remiero

Rowing boat competition   with the typical boat & ldquo; Lucie & rdquo;

The Palio Remiero   is a rowing regatta with the traditional fishing boat Lucie. A type of boat typical of Lake Como with a rounded hull. The competitions are always held by several neighboring municipalities.
The origin of these events dates back to the time of the late Middle Ages and the breakfast Renaissance when the Italian cities fought for freedom and independence. Even today, the Palio is a firm, partially revived tradition in many Italian cities and is held with enthusiasm, but also as a tourist attraction, mostly in costumes from the time the tradition was created. The winner of the Palio will generally receive a flag with the symbol of the city and/or the city's patron.

The Trophy Renzo e Lucia and the   Palio Remiero del Lario is a spectacular competition with "Lucien" - the typical Lake Como- rowing boat - in which two men per boat are in Representing a municipality or a district of a city deliver a rowing competition among the coastal communities of Lake Como.
Rowing regattas with the "Lucie" boats are held from April to August in the towns of Gravedona, Menaggio, Bellagio, Lezzeno , Cadenabbia, Mezzegra and Lenno. The winning location of the previous year begins.

Here you will find further information and the Event dates of the rowing competitions for the   Regate Lucie   the Palio Remiero and the Regata longa.

History of the Palio Remiero and the Lucie boats
According to historical tradition, it has been proven that this type of rowing boat was used as early as the 16th century were in daily use on Lake Como, as a fishing boat, but also as a transport boat to bring goods and people from one bank to the other. The locals called this type of rowboat & ldquo; ul batell & ldquo; , which means something like & ldquo; the boat & ldquo ;. The name & ldquo; Lucia & ldquo; was first given to this type of rowing boat in the 19th century through the novel & ldquo; I Promessi Sposi (The Promised Bride) written by Alessandro Manzoni. The story tells the story of the lovers Renzo and Lucia at the time of Spanish rule in the 17th century. For more than two years, the marriage of the two is prevented by intrigues, war, rioting and plague, in order to finally succeed. About the century work of the & ldquo; Promessi Sposi & ldquo; Goethe said effusively that & ldquo; Alessandro Manzoni's novel overflows everything that we know in this way & rdquo ;. The typical canons of the Upper Italian lakes, which are rowed like a gondola while standing, are named after this Lucia.

The tradition of the Palio Remiero del Lario has lasted a century Enrico Ferrario, the then director of the daily newspaper & ldquo; Ul Tivan & ldquo; revived, together with the silk producer-industrialist Gianni Binda in 1947.
Unfortunately, after twenty-five years of exciting competitions, the Palio Remiero was discontinued in 1972, not because interest in it would have been lost, but it Too many violations of the competition regulations (with unpleasant consequences among competitors) had occurred- & ndash; with the aim of absolutely winning the Palio. Because at that time the winner's trophy, which was then presented for a year in the town hall of the community that had won, was considered very prestigious.
Then in 1988- on the initiative of the "Friends of Lucia", to whom Enrico Ferrario had transferred his legacy shortly before his death in 1987- the "Palio Remiero del Lario" was held again in Domaso.
Domaso was the municipality that held the Palio in 1971 for the last time and in which town hall the Palio trophy was kept.
From 1988 onwards, the introduction of the new rules stipulated that all rowing boats participating in the Palio Remiero del Lario had to be identical in construction and thus fair competitions could be held again to this day.
The distance in rowing boat competitions is usually 1000 meters, with the victory location of the previous year beginning.

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